Will I Get a seat?????????

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? Will I Get a seat?????????

Post by FerVenT on 22/06/09, 07:24 am

Will I Get A Seat? This is the question that ponders thousand of candidates ever since the results of the Entrance Examinations were announced at 9.30 am on 15th June 2009. The parents too ask this question in another form- Will my child get a seat? Well the answer is something which none can assure with certainty to any candidate in the rank list or their parents. This is basically since the possibility of allotments depends on numerous factors on which an individual does not have any control. It depends on the number of candidates ahead of one, in rank, taking part in the allotment process, the options registered by them, the options registered by the candidate himself/herself, the availability of seats etc. The options registered by each candidate will depend on his/her preferences and tastes. So one has to wait till the results of the allotments are out to know what allotment, one has got.

But the allotment details of previous years can be an indicator of the things to come if it is taken with a margin of flexibility. The students who took part in the allotments in previous years are totally different as compared to those of the current period and so, the tastes and preferences will vary, no doubt. But the general trends may remain without any change. So the last rank details of 2008 can be helpful in making assessment of the possibilities of admission in 2009 but never need it be the actual position in 2009. It can change totally or even partially.

In 2008, allotments were announced on 17.7.2008, 31.8.2008, 21.9.2008, 27.9.2008 and 22.10.2008. The allotments announced on 31.8.2008 was the last to Private self-financing Engineering Colleges. So, the last ranks as on 31.8.2008 can give an idea on the chances of allotments to Private Self-financing Colleges (subject to availability of Government seats there in 2009). But if more rounds of allotments are made to Private Self-financing Colleges this year as compared to the two done in 2008, the last ranks may change considerably.

According to the last ranks of allotments to Private Self- financing Colleges for 2008 candidates with ranks up to 23286 have got a Government ‘State Merit’ seat in one of the Self-financing Engineering Colleges. So all candidates in this rank range can ‘hope’ to get a seat in a Self Financing College for some branch if the pattern of allotments of 2008 continues as such without any change in 2009 also, (which is a remote possibility) and seats are available as in 2008.

This link also will give the last allotted ranks in each of the Private Self- financing College that was included in CEE’s allotment in 2008, branch wise as well as category wise. So those interested in a specific college may look against the code of the college.

The last allotment to Government seats for MBBS in Private Self-financing Colleges were announced on 21.9.2009. This allotment was the last to Private Self financing Ayurveda Colleges also. Candidates with Medical Rank up to 1070 got an allotment in a Government seat in Private Self-financing College under SM. Subsequently, allotment was made to one more Medical College on 29.11.08 when candidates with Medical Rank up to 1169 got allotment under SM against Government Seat. So candidates interested in MBBS in Private Self-financing Colleges under Government quota having in these ranges can hope for a seat again, subject to the availability of seats under CEE allotment.

For Ayurveda, the last candidate allotted under SM category in Government Seat in Private Self-financing Ayurveda College in 2008 had Ayurveda Rank 5142. Allotments to MBBS in Government Medical Colleges and Government supported self-financing Colleges for MBBS, Government/Govt Supported Self-financing Colleges and Private Self- financing Colleges for BDS were closed with the allotment on 27.9.2008.

Click here for the last ranks of this allotment in each college category wise . According to this, candidates with Rank 537 for Medical got MBBS in SM category in one of the Government Medical Colleges in the State. This is 692 in SM category in case of Government seats under Government Controlled Self-financing Colleges for MBBS.

For BDS, last allotment for SM in Government Dental Colleges was 1304 while in Government Controlled Self-financing College, it was 1461 under SM. In Private Self-financing Dental Colleges, the last allotment for BDS in SM category under Government quota went to Medical Rank 3357.

So candidates around these ranks can ‘expect’ (need not turn out to be correct) a seat for MBBS/BDS courses.

The last allotment to Engineering/Architecture in Government/Aided and Government Controlled Self-financing Colleges and to the Medical Courses (except MBBS/BDS) in Government/Aided Colleges, Government Controlled Self-financing Colleges and Private Self-financing Colleges for some course, was announced on 22.10.2008.

The last ranks of this allotment are available here.

Candidates with engineering rank up to 14764 got a seat under SM category in one of the Government/Aided Colleges in one of the branches. It was up to rank 20967 in KAU Colleges. In Government Controlled Self-financing Colleges, the last allotment under SM Category in Government seats went to Rank No. 21622. This indicates the possibilities of allotments to Govt/Aided/KAU/Govt Controlled Self financing Colleges.

Last ranks for B.VSc & AH, BHMS, BAMS, B.Sc Agriculture are also available in the last rank details of 22.10.2008. How the de-linking of B.Sc Nursing, BSc MLT, BPT is going to affect the last ranks is something to be seen. The last ranks of 2008 are only indicators of allotments and cannot be taken for granted
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? Re: Will I Get a seat?????????

Post by shebitech on 15/09/09, 09:04 pm

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